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Grave candle production

Primax d.o.o.

PE foils and bags production

Primax production

Primax Hall


Primax d.o.o.
Mirogojska 27, Trnjani
35211 Slavonski Brod

Telephone: +385 35 410 222
Fax: +385 35 410 333
e-mail: primax@primax.hr


With continuous improvements of quality we want to become a recognizable and the most reliable partner of our buyers, suppliers, employees and local community.
Primax d.o.o. is a name for quality relationship with all the partners and local community. With continuous improvements of business quality, we want to make mutual growth in the market possible for all our partners – suppliers, buyers and employees.

Experience and professionalism
20 years of experience in manufacturing and processing materials and the cooperation with leading trading and manufacturing companies.

Tested quality
The satisfaction of our customers is the thing which gives us hope that we are good and successful at what we do.

We meet the deadlines
With the help of well-tuned logistics system, the deliveries are regular and we have the most serious approach to the wishes of our customers to get the products at the specified time.

The highest level of product knowledge
We are constantly analyzing the new and existing products and improving them. We also analyze the best products in each category of the best and most efficient manufacturers in the market, i.e. of our competitors.

Purchasing policy
Our policy of a focus on a customer and the effectiveness of offer and price make possible for us to purchase great quantities of raw materials, which is in the end a guarantee of a law final price for you, our customers.

Contact, fast feedback
Our sales staff is at your service via telephone, electronic mail and other means of contact and will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible. We encourage quick decision making at all levels and a quick respond to your inquiries, demands or complaints.

Financial security
You can be sure that you are doing business with a serious partner with extremely good credit and solvency ratings.


Primax d.o.o. | Mirogojska 27, Zadubravlje, Trnjani 35211 Slavonski Brod | OIB73439384934
IBAN: HR4223600001102334871 Zagrebačka banka d.d. Zagreb | SWIFT NUMBER: ZABAHR2X